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MYSTERY UNBOXING: A Box of Stories [+ discount]

Thanks so much to A Box Of Stories for letting me be part of their affiliate program and sending me a free box to feature in this unboxing post!

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission which doesn’t affect you in any way, if you purchase through my link. This doesn’t affect my opinion in any way*

Stick around to the end to find out how you can purchase your very own box AND get a special discount from me!

So I had woken up this morning to a wild surprise – my first box from A Box of Stories had arrived!!

If you don’t know what A Box of Stories is, it’s a UK book box subscription service.

But not just any old book box subscription, OHHH NO!

This beauty contains 4 books that would’ve been pulped.

A Box of Stories has a brilliant ethos: over 77 million books a year are DESTROYED in the UK. ALONE.

83% of those books are PULPED before they’ve even been read!

(I can hear all your hearts breaking already-)

A Box of Stories aims to SAVE those poor books by putting 4 of them in these boxes and giving them to people like you and me.

(* Holding Out For A Hero starts playing in the background-*)

You can rest easy and shed your guilt of filling up your shelves with more books, straight after you said “that’s the last one” to last week’s book haul, when you have the knowledge that you are essentially SAVING THESE POOR BOOKS FROM A TRAGIC FATE!!

Three cheers for you, am I right?

Not only do you get some BRAND NEW books but you also get to read underrated, undiscovered books!

But anyway, back to the unboxing…

My own box came in the standard brown A Box Of Stories box which I actually think is quite nice and minimalistic.

If you order a gift box, it would be a bright blue box as shown below.

I am super excited for this box! I got the Young Adult box, if anyone was wondering. All the books in A Box Of Stories are a *SURPRISE* so you never know what books are going to bless your doorstep.

So I lifted the lid of this magical chest of bookishness and was greeted with this sight:

Am I the only one who gets so happy at seeing pictures of books?

The anticipation was almost too much to bear!

Are you ready to find out which surprise YA books I received?


The first book I received was…

Maladapted by Richard Kurti

Ok so this one is probably one of the ones that got me the most excited. It says ‘a must read for fans of The Maze Runner’. Honestly, they had me at ‘Maze Runner’ and I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!

The cover looks amazing and I love the reflective imprints of the Double Helix DNA.

From what I can tell, this is a dystopian sci-fi and I am so here for it. I love dystopian books.

The blurb says:

Cillian and Tess are caught between 2 powerful and dangerous factions. Who should they believe? Who can they trust? Will they survive long enough to find out?

The second book I saved from a terrible fate was…

The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

This seems like such an exciting book!

The cover is so aesthetically pleasing and I’ll know it will look amazing on my shelf. It actually has an imprint of cobwebs on the front which look amazing.

This definitely feels like a cosy read!

The blurb says:

Every winter, Wren Silke is chased through the forest in a warped version of a childhood game. The boys who haunt her are judges, powerful and frightening pursuers, who know nothing of her true identity. If they knew she was an augur, their sworn enemy, the game would turn deadly.

But Wren is on the hunt, too. Sent undercover as an intern to the Harkness Foundation – enemy headquarters – her family’s survival rests on finding a secret meant to stay hidden. As the enmity between two ancient magics reaches breaking point, Wren is torn between old loyalties and new lies. And trapped in the most dangerous game of her life.

The third book that will no doubt be added to my bookshelf is…

Inherit the stars by Tessa Elwood

This seems like another Sci-fi which I am so ready to read!

I’ve heard some good things about this book on the ABOS Facebook group so I’m looking forward to reading this myself.

The blurb says:

LOVE AND LOYALTY. As the youngest daughter of the House of Fane, Asa lives every day of her life in honor of both, for herself and her people. But as her kingdom’s food and energy crisis peaks, Asa must find more to fuel Fane’s survival.Taking the place of her older sister in an arranged marriage with Eagle, the heir to the prosperous House of Westlet, seems like a straightforward solution. Forging an unforeseen bond, however, leads to an unavoidable division of loyalties. One simple truth lies at the heart of the matter, and only Asa can decide which one to tell.Romance, politics, and space adventure intersect in this first book of Tessa Elwood’s addictive debut duology.

And the final book that was rescued was…

Close your eyes by Nicci Cloke

This one seems to be fiction or middle grade. It’s set in a high school. This is probably the one that I’ll read last because the cover is a little intimidating but intriguing at the same time!

I’m hoping it isn’t realistic with serious ideas because those aren’t really the sort of books I read. Although from the looks of the blurb it might be…

The back cover says friendship, suspicion, tragedy, turmoil.

I feel like all these books really are hidden gems.

Wow! A brilliant selection of books, right?

And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of YA because they do other genre boxes!

I know many of you like historical fiction. Well, guess what? THEY HAVE A BOX DEDICATED TO HISTORICAL FICTION!

Whether it’s fiction, light reads, crime and thriller or historical fiction – there’s something there for you. They’ve even come out with a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy box (this is an exclusive release with limited stock available so I’d get mine now before it sells out again!).

I’d also say that this is one of the cheaper book boxes I’ve seen around. Their boxes start from only £14.99! With free UK shipping! As a student, that’s pretty affordable for me.

And its a great way to find new books that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up yourself!

Buy your own box:

If you use my code and link you can get an exclusive bonus £4 saving on your first box in your new subscription!


If you’d like to help support my blog while also buying the book box of your dreams 📦☁️ please use my  affiliate link (with the code!):

My link: Click here

I may receive a small commission for purchases made through my link which will help keep this blog afloat and provide future content.

With your third ABOS box, you’ll get a free surprise gift! This could be a discount or even an extra book! That’s five books in your third box!

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and go check out the A Box Of Stories website for more details!

Subscription info: choose your box frequency, pause anytime, swap across boxes anytime

Special thanks again to A Box Of Stories!

Until next time,

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