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November & December Wrap Up

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy with uni these past few months so that’s why I’ve been so inactive. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Once again, it’s exam season so I’ll be studying a lot, like I have been for most of the year. So blog activities will be really slow, asContinue reading “November & December Wrap Up”

A Bard’s Lament by P. Kuroki | audiobook review

Hi everyone! In this post I’m going to review A Bard’s Lament by Poppy Kuroki. It’s the audio book version so buckle up…this is one thrilling ride. *DISCLAIMER: I was given a copy of this audiobook by the author to review* I loved this book! I listened to the entire thing in one sitting whileContinue reading “A Bard’s Lament by P. Kuroki | audiobook review”