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November & December Wrap Up

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy with uni these past few months so that’s why I’ve been so inactive. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Once again, it’s exam season so I’ll be studying a lot, like I have been for most of the year. So blog activities will be really slow, asContinue reading “November & December Wrap Up”

Author interview with Kerat Jhaj

Hi everyone! Today we’re back with another author interview and we’re joined by author, Kerat Kaur Jhaj. She was only 16 when she published her first book, Himagus and now at 17 years old, she’s releasing the sequel. Himagus is about an alien planet that takes over earth. The blurb can be found on theContinue reading “Author interview with Kerat Jhaj”

The Sleeping Princess by DL Boyles | (spoiler free) mini review

Hi everyone! I have a mini review for you. The Sleeping Princess: Twisted Tales: Crown of Roses Book One by D.L. Boyles My rating: 4 of 5 stars Thank you so much to the author for sending me a review copy of this book. I loved this book! As with most books I found itContinue reading “The Sleeping Princess by DL Boyles | (spoiler free) mini review”

Truth & Lyres by LeafPages – Writing Station #2

Hello, all! Welcome back! Just to remind you, Writing Station is a series on my blog where I try my hand at writing a short story or scene. I’m not an author (yet), I’m just a humble blogger but I just want to practice my writing skills and gain feedback. Part 1 to Writing StationContinue reading “Truth & Lyres by LeafPages – Writing Station #2”