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Author interview with Katharine E. Wibell

Hi, everyone, welcome back!

Today we have an author interview with Katharine Wibell!

I’m so excited for this one because the main book we’re discussing today looks right up my street. The Twelve Tasks by Katharine E. Wibell is a YA fantasy adventure. It’s part of a series called The Djed Chronicles. More info on the book can be found below:

About this book:

Twelve worlds. Two opposing forces. One prophesied Hero.

The precarious balance between two opposing forces has begun to shift and threatens the very existence of life throughout the universe. Only the Djed—the prophesied savior—has a chance of thwarting a catastrophe that could destroy the cosmos. And the next Djed is predicted to be a child of Earth.

Katie awakens on a world far from her own, a world bound in magic, one of twelve that hosts entities of vast power and might. She is suspected to be that savior. However, to be acclaimed Djed, difficult and dangerous tasks, one on each of the magicked worlds, must be completed. Katie and a menagerie of misfit companions—a precocious witch, a half-blood elf, and a humanoid pup—work together to discover her fate. If proven true, a terrible burden will be placed upon her, one that will link her destiny with war, a war led by a thirteen-year-old girl.


The Djed Chronicles follows Katie over her teenage years as she confronts dark forces and discovers that the right choices are not always apparent and wrong choices can have deadly consequences.

Sounds brilliant, right? Well, now we’re joined by Katharine herself to discuss her time as an author!

  • Hi, Katharine! Thank you for joining us today. My first question for you is, do you enjoy writing in the YA genre?

Katharine: Yes, though I will admit that I have other book series which target different age brackets. The Djed Chronicles is my young adult adventure fantasy. The Incarn Saga is a new adult shifter fantasy, while The Guardian’s Speaker is my dark adult novella series.

I do realize that my writing style often incorporates darker themes, so it was initially a challenge to keep The Twelve Tasks within the young adult parameters. But once I got rolling, the story emerged rather quickly.

  • How did your idea for this book come about?

The Twelve Tasks: Book One of The Djed Chronicles was inspired by the characters, backstories, and worlds that my sister and I created during our imaginary play as children. As a result, I used my nickname, Katie, for the main character for she was my heroic alter-ego. I always wanted to share these stories with others and, because of that, knew that one day I would publish them in a book series for young adults.

  • The prophesied hero in your book is called a Djed. Is this an existing word or did you create it?

Katharine: I love mythologies from all around the world. The word djed comes from the ancient Egyptian word for the pillar symbol that represents stability. I chose it since the prophesied hero in my book is meant to stabilize any imbalance within the universe. The djed pillar actually appears on the cover of The Twelve Tasks behind the silhouette of a girl’s head.

  • How do you pronounce Djed?

Katharine: You would pronounce it as JED.

  • When did you start writing and why?

Katharine: Well, I always enjoyed developing worlds, creating characters, and weaving stories. However, I actually started work on my first book, Issaura’s Claws, which is part of The Incarn Saga series, the summer before I entered college. That is why the main character of that series, Lluava, is seventeen—the age at which I conceived her.

  • Were there any difficulties writing and publishing your book?

Katharine: Thankfully, The Twelve Tasks came together rather smoothly. Having published four other books, I was familiar with both the writing and self-publishing process. However, developing the multiverse when beginning this series demanded the most attention and took the longest time. There are twelve magical worlds in this multiverse, and each has different dimensions, ecosystems, and entities. For the better part of two months, I focused on world-building.

  • What’s your favourite part of The Djed Chronicles world?

Katharine: That is a tough question as each planet is so different. Some worlds are inspired by specific mythos, while others are a unique blend of their own. The world Wect has a special place since it serves as the ‘home’ planet for most of the series. The animalistic-humanoid entities that live there are called Ntr. Their physical appearance is derived from the Egyptian gods’ therianthrophic form—part human, part animal.

  • Do you have a favourite character from your book? Why/why not?

Katharine: Clearly, Katie of Earth since she was my alter-ego during childhood. It has been fun tapping into my memories at different ages as I attempted to recreate how I thought and felt in my younger years. Katie is one year older in each book of the series beginning at age thirteen.

  • Do you have a favourite hobby?

Katharine: Although I have a lot of hobbies to choose from including fitness, axe-throwing, origami, and kayaking, I would select painting. Actually, this is not a true hobby since it is my other occupation. I am a reverse glass painter, and I love creating art featuring animals, especially commissioned pet portraiture.

  • Finally, please tell us 3 random facts about you

1. I used to be a competitive archer for many years. My interest in this stemmed from the fact that Katie of Earth was able to shoot a bow.

2. I used to be a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the state of Georgia. During that time, I cared for numerous squirrels, opossums, birds and other local wildlife.

3. My dog Alli is a recent survivor of canine cancer, so I do like to spread the word about organizations that focus on canine cancer research.

Wow it was so interesting to get to know Katharine better!

Thanks for tuning in!

Until next time,

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