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The Liebster Award

I was nominated by another blog (sorry I can’t remember >~< my notification disappeared since I took so long). So thank you and here are my answers! RULES: My family (and my books). I want to say…myself? Or my imaginary tortoise, Turquoise. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know. This has changed at many points in my life.Continue reading “The Liebster Award”

Ginormous Book Haul 2022

Hi everyone! So I’ve requested some books from Netgalley and also received some in giveaways and reviewing platforms so I thought I’d do a post to show you all. The ones that are from kindle were free! So take a look, you might find some great reads! Netgalley Kindle Thanks for reading! Until next time,Continue reading “Ginormous Book Haul 2022”

The last 10 books tag

I saw this on Letters to the Lost and thought I’d give it a go! Last Book I Bought: Well this would’ve been a while ago now but I believe the last book I bought was Daughter of the pirate king by Tricia levenseller. I wasn’t a big fan at first but it’s alright asContinue reading “The last 10 books tag”