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November & December Wrap Up

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy with uni these past few months so that’s why I’ve been so inactive. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Once again, it’s exam season so I’ll be studying a lot, like I have been for most of the year. So blog activities will be really slow, as you may have noticed. I’ll still be posting but at irregular times.

I’ve merged November and December in this post as the amount of books I read wasn’t a lot.

Anyway, let’s get on to the wrap up!

Nightfall by L.H Cosway

I believe this is the only book I finished last month.

Nightfall is a paranormal fantasy book about a human called Tegan and one day she’s at work in a grocery store when a stranger helps her fend off an armed robber. However it all gets strange when he looks at the robber with glowing eyes and convinces him to leave without a fight. He then tells Tegan to forget she ever saw anything.

But of course, she remembers. Then she sees the same stranger in the VIP section of the new club and her whole world turns upside down…


I loved this book. The premise of the story was what drew me in and I had no regrets reading this. It was thrilling and I love how it didn’t just focus on the main love interest but expanded to a whole world of supernatural creatures.

I’m going to write a separate review for this book and link it here when it’s up!

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

This book was FANTASTIC. I understand it may not be for everyone due to the gore and dark themes but this was exactly my type of thing. I love mythology, but mix it with a light romance and dark themes? It’s perfect. The gore was a little too much for me sometimes but I was pretty good at…not lingering on those images. I really loved the characters and although I found some bits predictable, there were still enough plot twists to keep me guessing.

You can read my goodreads review here.

Currently Reading 📖

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas

I can’t really comment on this as I’ve only just started reading it but the plot seems interesting. I’m not a huge fan of the characters so far but I guess we’ll see as I’m carrying this book on into 2022.

Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

This is another one that I’ve only just started reading but I’m loving it so far. I like how tough the MC is.

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Again, I’ve just started this but I’m loving the plot. The MC is a bit too reckless in my opinion but I suppose I wouldn’t keep reading it if she wasn’t as not much would be happening as consequences of her reckless actions. I do like that she’s smart in a DIY, DT sort of way and she can fight.

That’s it for this wrap up, have a lovely New Year’s Eve and I’ll be posting an end of year wrap up soon!

Until next time,

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