Mad Love by Paul Dini & Pat Cadigan • book review •

I’d just like to note that this book is prose not a graphic novel. I do have a Harley Quinn graphic novel so if you’d like me to review that, let me know!

Disclaimer: I was NOT asked to review this book, I bought it myself as an avid DC fan.

So. Mad Love. Harley Quinn.

Any Harley Quinn experts out there will know that this prose novel is based on the graphic novel of the same name. I have personally never read that one so I can’t compare them but I think it pretty much tells the same story.

This book follows Harleen Quinzel, a newbie psychiatrist working in Arkham Asylum where she gets assigned to The Joker – Gotham’s most feared supervillain – and ultimately finds ‘love’ where she didn’t expect it.

It briefly features a whole other hoard of infamous DC villains such as Poison Ivy. Follow Harleen as she navigates her way through Arkham and becomes the one and only…Harley Quinn.

Essentially this is an origin story of Harley Quinn. It shows her life even before becoming a psychiatrist where she was actually a gymnast. Which perfectly explains her ability when it comes to bonking people on the head and her heists with The Joker.

Harley is one of my favourite DC Villains because she’s wild, she’s not invulnerable and she picks herself back up when she’s hurt. Also, her loyalty to the Joker and her friends is so strong.

I really like the cover of this book because it shows Harley’s two identities and the colour scheme is nice. I actually did nail art inspired by this cover when I first bought this book, I love it.

(I don’t have a picture of said nail art but if you’d like me to recreate it and do a tutorial, let me know!)

Although, this old nail art of mine was inspired by Harley in the Birds Of Prey movie

Since I am a fan of Harley, I pretty much already knew her basic backstory before reading this. I think without prior knowledge, a person may find it slightly…long as she spends most of the book in the Asylum.

But if you’re here for a classic love story, this ain’t it.

This book is all about Harley’s tragic past and I love it.

Its also quite funny at some parts.

It did take me a while to read but its interesting to see how Harley thinks, especially as she journeys through the asylum. I do think it could’ve been a bit more focused on Harley’s feelings though so we understand what she’s experiencing.

Overall, I’d recommend this book to any DC and Harley Quinn fans, especially if you haven’t read the graphic novel counter part or just want to understand Harley’s backstory.

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