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Truth & Lyres by LeafPages – Writing Station #2

Hello, all! Welcome back! Just to remind you, Writing Station is a series on my blog where I try my hand at writing a short story or scene. I’m not an author (yet), I’m just a humble blogger but I just want to practice my writing skills and gain feedback. Part 1 to Writing StationContinue reading “Truth & Lyres by LeafPages – Writing Station #2”

Writing Station #1 (“Her Loss”)

Hi everyone! So I thought I’d make a new series on my blog where I just write a short story or scenario to improve my writing skills. I’m calling it Writing Station. I’m doing this because I hope to be an author one day perhaps. Please do not copy these works, this is just forContinue reading “Writing Station #1 (“Her Loss”)”

March Wrap Up & April TBR

Wow. I’m writing this on 3rd of April. 3 days into April and I hadn’t even realised it was a new month until I saw another blogger’s post on their anticipated reads for April. March was just that bad. So I didn’t manage to read a lot of books in March and any books thatContinue reading “March Wrap Up & April TBR”

Twenty questions book tag

Thank you to Literally: a book blog for tagging me. Let’s go! 1. How many books are too many books in a series?Any more than 5 or 6 is a bit too much in my opinion. I feel like there’s not much an author can write after 6 books that would keep the story or charactersContinue reading “Twenty questions book tag”