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Nightfall by L.H Cosway | book review

Nightfall is a paranormal fantasy book about a human called Tegan and one day she’s at work in a grocery store when a stranger helps her fend off an armed robber. However it all gets strange when he looks at the robber with glowing eyes and convinces him to leave without a fight. He then tells Tegan to forget she ever saw anything. 

But of course, she remembers. Then she sees the same stranger in the VIP section of the new club and her whole world turns upside down…


I loved this book. The premise of the story was what drew me in and I had no regrets reading this. It was thrilling and I love how it didn’t just focus on the main love interest but expanded to a whole world of supernatural creatures.

I liked the character of Tegan. She’s hilarious and somewhat realistic. She doesn’t let anyone tell her what to think or how to feel and I personally love that. That’s a big thing from me because I usually find some characters are unrealistically invincible or they’re frustratingly weak but Tegan didn’t sway to any extreme. 

I loved the character of Rita, she’s so headstrong and sarcastic but underneath that initial impression, she’s actually incredibly smart and talented. I absolutely loved that because characters that seem mean are usually only one sided, as in there’s no other aspect to their characters but I loved that Rita had something other than mean. She stands up for herself and also doesn’t let anyone tell her who she is. She had a strong sense of herself.

I loved the whole world and it’s supernatural aspect, I really enjoyed this book and I’d definitely read the next book if I could.

Thanks for reading, my lovelies. I hope you check out this book. It DOES end on a cliffhanger though so be prepared to have the next book to hand.

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