Interview with Raymond F. Klein | author interview

Hi everyone! Today we’re joined by Raymond Klein!

The Interstellar Police Force, Book One: The Historic Mission is Raymond’s first book and it’s a Sci-fi/action/comedy about two Interstellar Police Force officers who have to navigate their way around Earth with limited knowledge from the 1950s and an unfortunate event turns one of them into a Doberman Pincher. Which definitely foreshadows comedic chaos.

Let’s get into the interview!

1. I understand that The interstellar police force is your first novel. How did it feel to see your work finished and published?

Finishing it then having it edited and finally published was a very satisfying feeling. Thinking back, one of the first things I did after completing the novel was printing out the entire thing and putting it in a binder. Looking at the finished physical book and thinking that I did that was just a great feeling.

2. How did the idea for this book come about?

Well, the story idea came to me in a song on the radio as I was driving home one day. The song was from the English electronic punk band The Prodigy and the song was “Smack My B***h Up” As the song was playing, I imagined a 1959 Ford Thunderbird coming out of the sky and landing in the lane next to me. There was a man driving and a Doberman Pincher sitting in the passenger seat and it just snowballed from there. Yeah, I know, kind of weird isn’t it?

3. What was your favourite thing about writing this book?

I think one of my favorite things was creating people and the town they all live in. Creating the different personalities for each character was a very fun process. 

4. Who is your favourite character in this book and why?

It would be the Doberman. As the story goes, prisoners have escaped from the Interstellar Police Force to Earth and it’s up to two IPF Agents to find them. But the Agents are alien in appearance, so to complete their covert mission they must replicate themselves into humans. The commander’s replication succeeds, but due to a computer glitch his partner is replicated into a Doberman Pincher. So, the Doberman was fun to write because he is an elite police officer and doesn’t like the fact that he’s now a dog!

5. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer/author?

Back in 2006 I was trying to modernize an episode from the old TV show The Twilight Zone and turn it into an indie film script. It turned out to become a short novel. That’s when I realized that this was something I could do. About a month later the original idea for The Interstellar Police Force came to me while driving home as stated in question two.  

6. How long did it take to write this book?

Book One did take me a while to write. I started writing it in 2007 and would write for three months then put it down for six months. Then, pick it back up for four months then put in back down for two. This went on until about 2015-16 when I started writing as often as possible and completed it in 2017.

7. What was the best feedback you’ve recieved about this book?

I have received several good reviews and feedback since I self-published Book One on Amazon. So, trying to narrow them all down to the best is tough to do. I’m very happy so far with all the positive feedback.

8. Some people who have read your book say that they can’t wait for the sequel! If you’re planning a sequel, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

Yes, The Interstellar Police Force, Book Two: The Beauty of Violence picks up about six months after the end of Book One. More characters, good and bad are introduced while Prodor Moffit ups his game by leaving more bodies in town and taunting the local police in letters he sends to the newspapers.

9. If your book were made into a movie, which actors would play your characters? 

Actually, while writing all the characters in these books I only had one actor visualized in my head. While I was writing the character of Lieutenant Dawson DeLaRue, I always pictured the actor Michael ‘Mykelti’ Williamson, Bubba from the movie Forrest Gump. He was also in the movie Heat and the TV drama Justified along with countless other projects. So, he would be my choice to play DeLaRue.

10. Finally, please tell us 3 facts about yourself

I live in Wesley Chapel Florida, which is about thirty minutes north of the city of Tampa. I work for the ABC-TV affiliate WFTS in Tampa and have been in the television industry for approximately twenty years.I’m a fan of anthology TV shows such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror and sci-fi shows likethe short-lived Firefly. I also like several genres of music, which can range from 60’s, 70’s rock, to the blues, to classical. I usually have one of these playing in the background as I write.

Thank you for joining us and good luck for the future!

No, thank you for this opportunity, I do greatly appreciate it.

So that was the interview! A big thanks to Raymond Klein for joining us today.

If you’d like to purchase this book, you can find it on Amazon.

Until next time,

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