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Raising Hell by Bryony Pearce | arc review

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to tell you about this book. It took me a while to get to it (because life) but I did recieve it as an ARC.

I’d just like to say thank you to UCLan publishing and the author for giving LeafPages an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review.

About this book:

Title: Raising Hell

Author: Bryony Pearce

Published: 3 June 2021

Genres: YA paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Pages: 240

Warnings: maybe if you’re religious or don’t like anything associated with Hell or if you have a phobia of zombies, I guess


Meet Ivy Elisabeth Mann –

‘I know what you are thinking, but I’m not half faery, or demon, or angel or anything like that. Mum’s a Body Shop consultant living in a bungalow in Birmingham and Dad enters crosswords.’

Once upon a time, Ivy and her friends did a very stupid thing and now there’s a rift letting dark matter into the world. Dark matter that manifests as black magic which actually works. Now every teenager with access to the Internet is raising hell. Literally.

Ivy’s doing her best to stem the tide, but her new job working school security barely pays the bills and there’s only so much one girl with a machete (and a cat possessed by her own dead grandmother) can do against the forces of evil.

Now she’s facing a teenage goth with an attitude, her ruthless but frustratingly handsome brother, a dark cabal with a terrifying agenda and a potential zombie apocalypse. Ivy losing her job might be the best thing to happen to the world 


Ok, I never knew how much I needed a gory zombie apocalypse book until I read this.

Because I’m terrified of zombies.

I usually don’t go near any books, movies or mention of zombies. For some reason, I decided that I wanted to try reading this and then I actually got sucked in to this weird ghosty, zombie, hell-filled world.

What really drew me in was that the main character named their machete, Matilda. It was so odd that I just had to read on. It was like I was dropped into this world and I was so confused in the first few pages that I kept reading to find out more.

It was just what I needed. How do I know? Because I READ THIS IN ONE DAY! No joke, I started at 8 am and finished just now. This never happens to me so I’m mind blown.

It was like reading a really cool, gritty version of buffy the vampire slayer but with hell hounds and zombies.

Overall, a very enjoyable book. Slightly chilling, slightly comedic but overall brilliant.

Thanks for tuning in!

Until next time,

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