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Crownless by M.H Woodscourt | arc review

This was a very enjoyable read. It started off slow and took me until about Chapter 9 to really get into it. The beginning was a bit confusing and mysterious but as the pace picked up, it all started to make a bit more sense.

I liked the characters; Jetekesh was probably my favourite just because it focuses a lot on him and his reactions to all these different situations. He’s a key piece in this game of chess, so to speak. He was also probably the most developed of the characters. Although there were many times that I wanted to punch him in the face, the reader can’t help but feel a little sympathy towards him because of his backstory.

I found the character of Rille to be a little annoying at first, particularly in her relationship with Jetekesh. They’re always squabbling. Within their roles, it’s easy to forget they’re children but it’s apparent in the way they react to situations.

Jinji and Yeshton were more mysterious characters and I feel like I didn’t know enough about them to fully make a judgement on them. They were essential to the story but I couldn’t depict them in my mind as I could with Rille and Jetekesh.

There was a sad death scene of an antagonist and it was unique because it was told from the perspective of the antagonist as they died. This character also briefly explored the effects of a miscarriage and grief so if those are sensitive topics for you, you may want to put this book down.

The magic in this book, if any at all, was soft magic, I would say. Stuff like visions. I didn’t mind this much.

This was a long book, 40 chapters long but it was engaging. Personally, I did lose interest a bit towards the middle but I soon got over that. Overall I enjoyed this book.

Thank you to the author for giving me an ARC of this book.

Thanks for reading!

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