Book unhaul 2021

Hi everyone! Today i’m going to be unhauling some of my books!

I haven’t done an unhaul since about 2014 so I’m nervous but I’ve been holding on to a lot of these and I think it’s time to let go.

Also, I really need the space so my bedroom floor doesn’t fall through (those who saw my post ages ago would know what I’m talking about).

Now, don’t judge me too harshly because I know this is sort of a taboo subject in the blogging world but I’m going to be selling most of these books either on Facebook, Vinted or Depop.

I’m a student and I don’t make money from this blog. The sales of these books would help me to keep this blog going because I’d be able to get more books to review here, support indie authors and local bookstores, and maybe even finally get my own domain name (I’ve been told the current one is a mouthful XD).

Some of these books have been reviewed or mentioned on LeafPages and if you’re interested in buying, I’ll leave the links below so you can have a look. They’ll be cheap because, as I said, I need them gone as soon as possible!

But for now, I’m going to take you through these books and say my final goodbyes to them.

Marie Antoinette, Serial killer by katie alender

This was one of the first books I ever reviewed on this blog. You can read it here. I enjoyed this book as it took me to Paris but it had some mystery, history and romance, not to mention, important lessons about friendship and family.

I’m going to miss this one, it’s like a comfort read for me but I think someone else will enjoy it more.

The Mystery Knight by George R R Martin

I never actually read this one, it was too vulgar for me (no offence). It’s a graphic novel set in the world of Game of Thrones.

The cover was ripped when I bought it, although it was new. The actual book itself, however, is in mint condition.

What’s cool about this though, is that I think it’s a first edition.

Killer Game by Kirsty McKay

Yes that is Maneskin playing in the bg XD

I’m so upset to be getting rid of this but I read, I LOVED it and now I need to let it go.

I’m sure someone else will enjoy it more than me 🙂

And here are the rest of the books I’ll be saying goodbye to*:

*subject to change

Thanks for reading, everyone! I appreciate all of you, you’re all wonderful people~

Until next time,

Buy these books:

*please note that this is UK only*

Vinted | My depop shop

Facebook – first listing| second listing|third listing

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